Contents College Staff,Officers of the Year College Roll,Editorial Canon Sweeney,Acknowledgments,Donations,Farewell The Youthes Tale Where I Love To Be,The Yellow Lady,Wrongs To Those Undeserving A Trip Through The Snow,One Solitary Life Keep Bitain Tidy,Fear! Singapura,Easter Archaeology Mount St Bernard's Abbey,The Lake District Bullfighting Photography,Capitalist Companionship,Macbeth Pantomime-Ali The Barber All Our Yesterdays Contents Football Hockey, Cricket, Squash Badminton,Putting Green,Rugby,Beauvale Lincoln,Padley,The William Byrd Society Hugonian Lit. and Debating Society,Communism Hugonian Shakespearean Society,Hugonian Railway Society Photographic Society,The Garden Fete,Hugonian Association Old Hugonians' Column Sports Results Cricket Results

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