Adrian Richards 2

Memories from 1966 to 1970 continued

The morning ablutions were always a bit fraught in trying to get to chapel on time, and one did see some sights first thing, especially as some were starting to learn to shave at the time. Feast days were always a highlight and I remember one occasion, when the Bishop visited, as the procession was leaving the sanctuary, one of the the acolytes, John Thompson, called 'Tufty' caught his candle on his hair, setting it ablaze. Some deft chap had the presence of mind to put it out with his hand by tapping John's head as he walked by.

Compline and the Magnum Silencium was a beautifully reflective way of ending the day and, in the main, the silence was respected, until someone found they'd got into an 'apple pie' bed. One strong memory of Campion dormitory was the scent from that Spanish Chestnut tree outside.

Not so pleasant memories were time spent shoveling coal for the ancient boilers in the Senior School or writing lines in the Junior Prep room as well as manual labour on cold, wet winter days, planting daffodils, or running those ubiquitous cross-country runs. Danny and I used to make a bit of an effort at first but then it always got too much and we'd end up strolling back to college through the rain and mud.

St Hugh's, the boys and my friends there, as well as its staff, like Fr Reg Swaby and Sr Eucaria, have had a profound influence on me. It wasn't all a bed of roses but it was a great opportunity to go there, be part of its history and meet some super friends.

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