Damian Mills

Highlights of my memories (1983-1985)

Firing range practice with air guns in the cavern-like basements. At the bottom of the spiral staircase to the form 3 dorms was a door that led into the basement, where all the wine was kept. In there was set up a rifle range... it was a low ceilinged basement much like where you would imagine wine to be kept :). This could have been a later years' activity as one of the priests that taught was a chaplain of the army.
The little phone booth with the big queue; no-one wanted to answer the phone because usually it meant having to run around the school trying to find the student.
Guy Fawkes Night bonfire.
The Clipston run: 5 miles cross country around the horseshoe and neighbouring villages.
Scoring cricket in the run-down club house.
All the visiting Mexicans.
The Yellow lady: a ghost indeed, and has even got her own Friends Reunited name.
A first full moon in November and the Head Prefect's window.

St Hugh's
St Hugh's