St Hugh's College, Tollerton

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The Hall grounds The lake Boating on the lake
The Doctor and The Devils, 1972 Some of the Middle School

Memories from 1970 to 1973
(please blame the mists of time for any inaccuracies)

Eighty-odd boys in the ref simultaneously doing giraffe impressions whenever the barber was due in.
Feeling your way in the pitch black up to the tower room if the previous visitor had shut the door behind him.
The special supper that you and another boy would enjoy for assisting the domestic staff in the kitchen on Sunday evening.
The bats that flew under the Mill Lane arch by the chapel and tales of horrific consequences should one get caught in your hair.
Skinny breakfast sausages, lime marmalade, crisp sandwiches, chocolate eclairs, Arctic Roll and Birds Eye chicken pies.

The Hall in Spring View from the main tower St Peters C of E church