John McGuirk 1 (of 4)

Timings, dates and people, may not be 100% accurate as time past is no friend.

Going into Fr Cantwells smoke filled office (80 a day man) to be told off for something or other and always coming out not understanding a word he said!
Queuing outside Fr Dazeley's office either waiting to be caned or to beg for 20p from my meagre allowance.
Always knowing that John McCay would be a priest.
Paddy Kearney growling as he went to the woods to shoot the squirrel population to smithereens.
Roger Boot trying to blow up rocks in the stream with home made nitro-glycerine (well he was good at chemistry).
Sneaking into the kitchens at night with Yurksaitis to pinch sponge cakes.

Hiding under the bed in Mill Lane to avoid going to morning mass. Listening to Radio Caroline at night under the covers in Mill Lane for the first airing of David Bowie's “Diamond Dogs”.
Wondering why Paul Caine used to sprout hairs over his collar and look like an Orang-utang in the shower.
Shoveling coal in the wet, in Mill Lane.
Wondering what those strange noises were, coming from Charlie McCall's cubicle after lights out! Something to do with oranges and Paul Thorneycroft ??????????
Coming back a day early to start the term and going for a “Kimberly Keg” with others.
Jed Oria’s strange accent especially when talking about the birds & bees!
Trying to emulate Fr Dazeley’s accuracy when throwing the morning mail (still can’t do it).
And many many more which I will someday put to pen.
John McGuirk

Radio Caroline