The old stables c.1960

I was never as good as John O’Donnell, who could really capture a likeness (I recall a portrait of John Berry), but art was an important part of my schooldays. I think both of these sketches were made in 1959-1960. One is a pencil and watercolour sketch of the old stable block, which I did in my spare time. The other is an art class pencil sketch of two seated figures. It has no interest here unless – something I can by no means guarantee! – someone can identify the sitters. Any suggestions? I spent a bit of time with the art teacher, Vincent Wells, as I regularly had a hand in painting scenery for school stage productions. I particularly remember spending hours in the (unheated) squash court, making the scenery for The Mikado: we (Mr Wells and I) had to endure finger-numbing temperatures in a very cold February 1962.
Spencer Pearce (Lincoln, 1957-1963)

Art class c.1960