Whole School 1976

Whole School 1976 (photo and names courtesy of Declan Kelly)
Middle Row seated L to R: ??, J.McCay, D.Hateley, Fr Tutcher, Fr Pateman, Fr Cantwell, Brother Adrian, Fr Bowdren, R.Boot, G.Saunders, I.Cook, then first boy standing is C.Malbon.
Middle Row L to R: ??, C.Hargadon, L.Kelly, D.Kelly, M.Hargadon, G.McKinney, M.McCall, P.Munro, M.Cowell, P.McBrien, L.Hanlon, K.Cullen, D.Malbon, D.Norris, P.Jones, A.Jackson, R.Gardner.
On the row behind - 2nd in from right is J.Coleby, and behind D.Malbon is C.Taupin

Whole School 1976 with names

Whole School 1976 (courtesy of Victor Chye)
Names in red are corrections to the first photo; done