Michael Cosgrove

Tollerton c1915

A big hello from an ex-lay student who has fond memories of his time there (1966/7). I used to love sports and my most abiding memories are of:
a) breaking my arm during a high-jump (yes, it IS possible!!) and b) winning the victor ludorum of which I was, and still am, most proud.

Other memories include smoking cigarettes by the lake at 3 in the morning after sneaking out of the dorm, being infatuated with one of the nuns there (does that happen to everyone?) and enjoying my studies. Father Daly was very generous with his advice and Monseigneur (Hume?) was a VERY imposing personality!!

I also remember Lou Lally and playing the guitar up in a tower or belfry-like room somewhere....In fact I have so many fond memories of Tollerton Hall that it would be impossible to list them all here!! My best wishes to everyone.

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