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My memories: 1967-1972

Punishments of Latin and Greek lines; the prefect used to post the line of the week on the school noticeboard. Also shovelling (coal into the hopper to feed the boiler which heated Mill Lane) which prefects doled out in 15-minute sessions to malefactors in the lower school. I had to do an hour once.
Climbing the Mill Lane water tower to discover why the water smelled rank, and removing a dead pigeon from the tank. Building a bridge across the stream from the island with Fr Oria - starting with sawing down the trees. I was also part of his team that dredged the lake, using a very wobbly punt.

Apple pie beds in the dorms at night, and raiding each other's dorms on bed-wrecking parties.
Days in the infirmary with various illnesses, being looked after by the nuns. Infirmary visits with minor ailments were almost inevitably treated by aspirin from Sister Winifred.
Visiting the first electronic calculator in the area at Mary Ward College as part of Maths with the rector (Reg) Fr Swaby. This must have been 1970. The computer was the size of a couple of typewriters, cost £1500 and did calculations very slowly and printed them out on paper like a till receipt. We were amazed.
The races after Thursday supper to get the best seats in the common room for Top of the Pops, and how we used to drool over Pan's People.

Washing up - there was a rota for lower school students to help with the washing up after supper, and the reward was that you got portions of the profs' supper afterwards - and they were well-fed. Feast days when we got a special lunch and alcohol - cider for lower school and middle school, and a bottle of Double Diamond for upper school. Then you got the afternoon off and could go to town.

Ian Hudson and me Form five 1970 Upper Sixth and Form Five
Lincoln House School Leavers 1972 Hall across the fields