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I really like your web site. When I was a little girl, my mother brought us to Sunday mass at St Hugh's. I was always in awe of the marble, the glass roof and the nuns, who taught us Sunday school. I am having trouble remembering names - was there a Father Atkinson? He took my first confession just before my first holy communion - even though I was quite little, probably about 8, he seemed very old and tiny. A very, very lovely man and very kind. We used to go to the laundry and get thrown out and I remember the ladder/fire escape too. My brother would go up it quite high - I never managed more than a few rungs. There was a monkey puzzle tree growing a spiral the "wrong way round". At the annual diocesan fair my mother served the ice creams. I remember being very small and having a pony ride and a ride on a pirate boat over to the "island" to look for treasure.
It would be the 60s through to the 70s. We stopped coming to mass at St Hugh's when I was about 11 or 12 - the feeling was that we (the few Tollerton catholics) should go to Keyworth at Mary Ward. So things fizzled out after that - probably by 1972. The garden fetes were earlier, certainly by 1966, and later on Mum kept her good work up for some years, if I remember rightly, after we stopped going to Mass at St Hugh's - she would probably have been offended if they had asked someone else to do the ice cream! I went to Loreto in 1970, and one of the nuns gave me an amazing Easter egg when she heard I has passed my 11 plus and had got in - she was very pleased. So I would definitely have been there in 1972 - but I don't remember space hoppers. and address withheld

I was at the college 1959 -1965 when it was more of a "junior seminary". Magnum silentium from night prayers through the night till breakfast next morning was strictly enforced with caning if you were caught.
Enjoyed viewing the web site. I see the turrets have gone off the centre tower now. I wonder if the clock is still going in the clock tower as I used to maintain it in my last year. Well that all seems a long time ago now (tempus fugit!).
Now living with my wife in New Zealand.
Fred Sheader

Hi John, I still recognise you! Are you responsible for the website? - just found it. I was at the school last weekend but the gate was closed. Feeling very nostalgic. (I live in Dublin these days.) I stayed with Anthony O'Connor last week and we were saying it would be wonderful to have a reunion. All the best,
Jim Gallagher


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