Martin Hagues 1 (of 2)

Memories 1980-82 & 1984-85

Hindsight is a great thing. I wish I had taken some photos of the "experience" that was Tollerton. Started in first year, had spells at other schools in the middle, finished last two at Tollerton.

Characters & events that were engraved in my mind forever:
Fr. Bowdren's preps which usually involved learning a word in the English language of more than 14 letters (I am pretty sure the class only helped him complete the Times crossword of the day).
Lots of time outdoors and war games in the wood.
Building make-shift boats out of...anything.
The cuts, bruises and occasional fractures involved with the rope swing across the stream.
The dangerous activity of diving into the plunge pool, which subsurface had all manner of impaling possibilities.
The psychologically unstable genius that was David Hately.
Fr. B for teaching how to play poker properly (use on occasions).
Brother Mark who lived in the prefab buildings opposite the convent. Not sure what he was there - about 1984 / 85. The nicest chap you could have ever met.
Fr. Guest's wisdom.
Jarvis - the best Prefect in the world (when you were 11).
Padley for always getting the Bronze Medal.
The accepted bullying.
The "dramatic", dramatic productions and the howling of children disrespectfully strangling Gilbert & Sullivan.
Shakespeare himself having a chuckle of "amdram" at its absolute best.

Poker hands