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I was at Tollerton in 1960, I remember Fred Sheader, Terry Gander, and am also a friend of Fr Tony Jones, known as Taff. I spent a weekend with Fred Sheader when I left St Hugh's. Terry Gander was a good goalkeeper and I think he kept goal for the college, I too was a good goalkeeper, but preferred to play on the left wing in those days. I played one game for the first XI. Terry, I seem to remember, was a West Ham follower. Fred, was into the cello at that time and got me interested in the choir. I went to stay with him one half term, and later spent a weekend with him and his parents.

Does anyone remember when I think Fr Swaby, (Reg as he was commonly known), bought his Jaguar car? I think it was 1960 late on. Fr Joe Calnan, Prefect of Discipline and a fiend with the cane, bowling in the nets, and bowled a good one into Daniel Sweeney's mouth, not the Rector, but Dan from Mold in Flintshire. His lip came up like a balloon. If I remember rightly, Mick Dwann was football captain of Beauvale at the time I was there, and because I was a reasonable left winger with a good turn of speed,devised a set piece from throw-ins. Beauvale hadn't done very well at football, or anything else for that matter, and in 1960, we had a good run, much to Fr Berry's surprise, we had a beano in his room.

Jaguar Mark 2