Paul Cunningham 2

Chris Holcroft and I, both Welsh lads, used to go to Fr Berry's room when Sister Eucharia wasn't on duty and complain of tummy ache, he would give us a pint pot of Andrews Liver Salts, 'cos we both liked it.

I remember getting into classical music, thanks to Fred Sheader, who incidentally, was the first person, I came into contact with, the first day I arrived at St Hugh's. We joined the William Byrd Society, run by Reg Swaby. I've a lot to thank Fred for. I also remember doing Missa Brevis by Benjamin Britten with the choir, run by JEJ Berry.

Peter Brownbill, who was at Tollerton the same time is now and has been for a number of years, a permanent deacon in our parish. Tony Jones, also an old Hugonian, celebrates his golden jubilee in the not too distant future.

I am now retired having had a career in the Fire Service and am involved in local government, having been Mayor (in 2009) of my home town, Flint, which is the historical birth place of local government in Wales. Unfortunately, I don't have any memorabilia of my time at Tollerton, but I have good memories.

Fraternal Greetings, Paul Cunningham

2014 update: Congratulations to Paul on his second term as Mayor of Flint and his election to Flintshire County Council as Welsh Labour candidate for Flint Trelawney. (Editor)
2017 update: I was re-elected to Flintshire County Council with an increased number of votes and majority. I was also elected Vice Chairman of Flintshire for 2017/18 taking the Chair next year.
Recently, my wife Joan and I, attended a Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace, where we were introduced to the Duchess of Cornwall, a tremendous honour, I might add.
Sad that former Old Hugonian, Chris Holdcroft died nearly a year ago. He and I met up after a great number of years and caught up on our good times at Tollerton. R.I.P Chris. Fr. Tony Jones, a former Old Hugonian is not in good health and I speak to his sister in law regularly.
William Byrd
Andrews Liver Salt