Phil Coupland 1 (of 2)

Hi to all Hugonians...esp. those locked up between 1969 and 1974. I remember Ed King, Andrew Yurksaitis, Roger Boot, Richard Beech and many others too... get in touch if you knew me or brothers Charlie or Colin
I was there from 1969-1974 and a member of Lincoln House as were brothers Charlie (2 years older) and Colin (2 years younger).

My word, the site does bring those happy memories flooding back:
1/ Fr Oria chasing us boys around the gardens clutching a bunch of stinging nettles, getting prodded consistently in Chemistry with a piece of a wooden footstool for lack of knowledge on periodic tables and Fr Shaw (God bless him) firing pieces of chalk or the blackboard wiper at pupils' heads for poor performance in Latin
2/ Laying out a massive Scalextric set in the tower (c 1972)
3/ Teachers v Pupils’ football match
4/ One of the juniors burning down the athletics equipment shed (c 1973)
5/ Power cuts and general nonsense in 1972
6/ Haircut patrol (who could forget)
7/ Getting the cane or was it the slipper, but stuffing books etc down the back of our pants to reduce the pain (no-one could have possibly noticed !!)

Squash court