St Hugh's College, Tollerton

Visitors & Old Boys (all content with permission)

I remember visiting St Hugh's from our school in Melton Mowbray. It was St Francis senior school for young ladies and we used to visit annually. I remember being very shy and the boys would take us on the lake in the punt. They would tease us that they would leave us on the island but they never did and were always perfect gentlemen. There is one person I have always remembered with fondness. I think he was upper or lower 6th at the time and was a member of the Magic Circle. His tricks always amazed us girls. The years we visited were between 1966 and 1968 with Mother Christina and Sister Thomas More who is now head of St Francis Junior School in Melton.
Michelle Sivyour

It was fascinating to see myself as a youngster once again. That was me at the end of the race in the Games section. I have to figure out what year and what event. I have some memories of Fr Wilkie (is he still living?) filming events and expect there are many more gems on the "cutting room floor". Thank you for your work.
I live miles away in Edmonton which is just east of the Canadian Rockies and these clips brought back many memories from another time and place. (photo on the Links page)
Jim Mullins

I was there from Sep 1973 to my rustication with Liam Clift (who I am still in contact with). In the same village as Haslingfield is a Paul Munro same class and same year. Have been in business with a David Malbon for the past 19 years. We stayed in contact since leaving school.
I initially thought that I had a number of photos from one of the ‘Fund Raising Open Days’ – I forget what the official name of it was. But it was when all the parents came along and had a go on some of the stalls. Knocking cans off a shelf to win a coconut, giant skittles etc. Sadly the pictures I am left with are the blurred ones and the ones that I call: "didn't make the album".
I got in touch with Liam Clift, he also lives in Cambridge and we were in the same form together to see if he had any photos of the grounds or any events and he didn't, but I wanted to make sure before I replied. Keep up the good work with the web site. Despite being rusticated in my final year (1975), they were without doubt the best years of my life.
Danny Norris

Hi John you won't remember me but I am an old Hugonian as well 1969-1974 better known as Dicky Martin and your site has certainly reminded me of the good? old days at school.
David Martin


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