St Hugh's College, Tollerton


Anthony Charlton: "I was a student at Tollerton from 1958 to 1960 and would be interested in getting in touch with anyone who may remember me from those years. I am planning an extended visit back to the UK from New Zealand next year and it would be good to meet up with any of my old mates. I enjoyed your article, Michael Kerrigan, and remember well my time playing the "good angel" in Dr Faustus, urging you to repent."
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Message from Andy Jackson: "Anybody from years 1971 to 1978 - welcome to get in touch with me."
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✞ RIP Fr Peter Wilkie died peacefully on Sunday 6th November 2016 and his funeral was on Tuesday 22nd November at St Mary's Cathedral, Regent St, Wrexham.

Message from Tom Clarke: "Would be interested in finding out about past students. I am only in touch still with Fr Frank Carvill."
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Iker Ortiz: "Hello, I attended St. Hugh's in 1970/1971, I was The first Mexican to go there, after me my brother Hector in 1973, and then a whole lot of my countrymen. Remember my classmates, Sean Cullen, Sean White, Maurice Daly (I think). The best time of my life, keep in touch. Best Regards."
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Alan Fahey: "I have recently been in touch with Paul Jolley via email and we are both interested to know if anyone out there is in touch with ex Hugonians of our era (1970-1975)."
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Yvonne Burbanks: "I am part of the Tollerton Village History Group and would be delighted to hear from any former students who might be willing to share their great photographs of Tollerton Hall in the past."
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Michael Kerrigan: "January 2015: A friend from my time in Rome asked me if I knew anything about another fellow-Roman, Brendan Howling - who was also at St Hugh's at the same time as I (I see from my old Hugonian that he was organist in 1959). If anyone has any information about him, we'd be very grateful; please message via the form on the Contact page."

John Groome: "I was at St Hughs from 1966/1967 and have now been living in New Zealand for 20 years. Just taken early retirement. Had a visit from one old boy a couple of years ago and it was great to catch up after over 40 years. If anyone is out this way the door is always open: Upper Hutt which is about 25 km north-east of Wellington. Telephone, home: 04-528-0105, mobile: 022-380-5492 or email:"
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Christopher M Fay: "Re-visisted the web site again and have summoned up the courage to do some time travel and send my warmest regards to all those who may recall me from about '71 to '74'ish. I do feature in a couple of pictures and remember many of the "characters" named. I live in Folkestone now, overlooking the Channel and Harbour and would be delighted to meet up with any one nearby or passing this way via the Tunnel or Dover.....Telephone: 07866 824972 or email. All the best!"
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