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Old Hugonian St Hugh's Celebration 2020

(Updated 14/04/20) World events and changed priorities have overtaken plans for a proposed reunion in June this year and Anthony Pateman has vacated what he calls "the hot seat" of co-ordinating and organising reunions. Our thanks to him for what he achieved with that of 2018.


(Updated 03/02/20) A booking has been made at Hothorpe Hall, LE17 6QX, for a 26-hour Reunion 23-24 June. By 3 March I shall have to pay a first £500 deposit, or decide to call the whole thing off, and I am very much hoping that you will be able to be among those who decide in February that you would like to join us. At present there would still be room for 32 more.
All best wishes, Anthony Pateman

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(Updated 17/10/19) By common consent, we are looking for a larger meeting of Old Hugonians in June 2020. We are still working for an overnight reunion in Hothorpe Hall, Northants, on 23/24 June.

I request that everyone spread this information as widely as you can. There still is no substantially complete list of the Old Hugonians who are still near and well and interested. Please encourage anyone else you are in contact with to give us their email address.
Fideliter, Anthony Pateman


Reunions Questionnaire

Dear Old Hugonian,
Following our successful reunion last year, I have been asked a number of times whether some form of repeat event could be on the horizon. I promised to write and sound out people's views. Accordingly I will be grateful if you can take a few minutes to reply to the following questions:
1. Do you favour another reunion event?
2. Is November this year (to coincide with St Hugh's feast day) too soon for a repeat event or would you prefer a summer event - say May or June 2020?
3. Last year's reunion was in Lincoln, as the obvious place to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the founding of St Hugh's. However, we are not committed to Lincoln and suggestions have been made for convening a get together in Nottingham or Leicester as locations that are possibly more accessible for those living outside the immediate area.
Do you have a preference for a future location?
4. It seems sensible to assume that a get together should take place on a Saturday and could involve some form of organised trip or event in the afternoon, followed by a dinner on the Saturday evening. We can organize hotel bookings for those wishing / able to stay overnight and provide details of local parish masses the following day as appropriate.
Would this type of away day be of interest?
Please feel free to make alternative suggestions.
5. Finally, a number of wives and partners came to our last reunion. I suggest that an open invitation continues to be our policy.
I would appreciate as early a response as possible so that I can compile the results and begin the planning process as necessary.
Fidelis servus tuus,
Anthony Pateman

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